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Underarm Cream (Natural Deodorant)
Underarm Cream (Natural Deodorant)

Underarm Cream (Natural Deodorant)

Taynas Body Care

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Our Underarm cream has become the favourite for a number of persons locally and internationally. We have been selling it in a two-ounce jar for a while and will continue doing so for a while longer. But we also have customers who don't want to be applying from a jar. So we are presenting our natural underarm cream in a stick format. It works as a deodorant and antiperspirant and works for the day. It's 100% natural and contains no preservatives and no harmful chemicals.

This Undercream cream is a deodorant made with ingredients that many have in their kitchen. It was the first product that we made in 2015, moving from there into expanding our skincare offerings. Taynas Body Care underarm cream is an alternative to deodorants that contain aluminium. Its active ingredient is baking soda that is known to have a positive impact on body odour.

It also contains cornstarch, and we've recently added bentonite clay to the mix. Bentonite Clay is touted as an absorbent and also toxin drawing properties.
We removed water and even natural preservatives from the recipe. We added a combination of essential oils that gives a pleasant, longer-lasting fragrance for all-day odour protection.