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Jamaican Cinnamon Sugar

Jamaican Cinnamon Sugar

Taynas Body Care

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A Jamaican is a Jamaican, no matter where in the world they choose to live. At Taynas Body Care, our experience is that Jamaicans always want an experience that reminds them of the beauty of island Jamaica. Well, we have created our Cinnamon Sugar Jamaican bar designed with the colours of the Jamaican flag. Its made from natural oils, including coconut and olive oils, and scented with cinnamon sugar to remind us of the sweetness and beauty of Jamaica.

Did you know that not everyone showers with the bars they get from us? We have found customers who buy our bars and have added them to their bathroom decor as a keepsake that always keeps a fresh scent in that room. Whatever you want to do with your bar, we know you will enjoy having this neat 4oz bar in your collection from Taynas Body Care.

NB. Each bar may have a different design. It was handcrafted and not a commercial process. It has a beautiful lather and scent.