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Taynas Body Care

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Users of our soaps are always asking us for a face moisturizer. We directed them to other brands, but they told us that since they know the quality of our products. They wanted a moisturizer made by us. You know the adage, what the customer wants the customer gets!
So we did our research of oils that will not clog pores and developed out Taynas brand of face moisturizer. So our moisturizer is formulated with hemp seed oil, grapeseed, and others.
Each selected natural oil is zero-rated for causing clogged pores. In other words, non-comedogenic oils have been blended to create this face moisturizer and, therefore, will not clog the pores of users. It also contains Frankincense essential oil and Tea Tree Essential oils.

Research shows that these have been added to skincare products for centureis. It glides on and is easily absorbed into the face and neck.