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Cocomix Body Butter
Cocomix Body Butter

Cocomix Body Butter

Taynas Body Care

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Cocoa butter is so aromatic!  Recently a customer using our Cocomix Body Butter was so happy with her product, she shared it with all her coworkers. By the end of the day, we had additional orders to fulfill. But apart from a fantastic creamy aroma, what are the benefits of cocoa butter for your skin?
Our CocoMix Body butter is combined
with other skin-loving ingredients, including Mango Butter and Vanilla. These are healing ingredients that will moisturize dry, flaky skin, irritated, acne-sensitive skin. Research tells us that Cocoa butter is a natural product that is high in vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin E, and essential fatty acids. 
Cocoa Butter also can protect your skin against the signs of aging by soothing the infection that causes acne. It can, therefore, leaves your skin healthy and ready to start the process of repairing skin cells. Cocoa Butter is also touted to be a known treatment for helping to fade stretch marks and other scars.
Buy our Cocomix Body Butter for a skin-loving experience. You will receive a product with naturally high content of vitamin E, gives moisture, and with daily use will penetrate the skin.