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The Call about Noni

It was Friday evening. I was busy on the road all day but rushed home to wrap soaps. I had a large order and only two hands. The business is growing, and the plan is to position ourselves to employ a team in 2020. As I sat there diligently wrapping, my cellphone rang. It identified the call as coming from Illinois, USA. I don't know anyone in that state.

 It was the male voice of a stranger or so I thought.  

 He identified himself as Ronnie and someone who bought products three years ago at Denbigh Agricultural Show in Jamaica. He also knew a good friend of mine. After identifying himself, he shared the purpose of his call. 

A couple of months he was told by the Holy Spirit to call and encourage me to make Noni products. He did not communicate this message to me at that time because he didn't feel that he knew me well enough. However, last week, meaning the second week of November 2019, he received this message again. So this call was his communicating the message he received. I was excited about this message. Why was this unexpected call so meaningful to me? 

In February, I attended a fasting camp called Fast Camp in Florida. It was organised by Arrows of Deliverance Ministries (arrowsofdeliveranceministries.org), and among the persons, I met was Ken. He began a conversation on Noni and sung its praise. The conversation, his passion and his wealth of knowledge on Noni created and stimulated a desire to research it. I knew it had a pungent smell, so I had no real desire to handle the fruit itself.  

In April, after promoting a project to make specialised soaps lotion and body oil for those who wanted that service Ken made contact. That prompted another conversation on Noni and its benefits to humans. He also placed an order for Noni products. Now I had to find Nomi, I did, and made the products for him. I shared two bars with a friend, but that ended my Noni journey. Well, not exactly right, I had some leftover Noni juice in the refrigerator, unused and unopened. That is until last week of October when Ken ordered more Noni soaps. They were made and sent off. As you read, have you seen why I became excited about the content of Ronnie's call? 

A couple of months ago came up twice, and last week came up twice. Suddenly, the conversations with Ken became more meaningful. He had told me that making noni products would be a game-changer, but I thought he was just exuberant because he believed in it so much. Now I saw his words as instructions from God.

 So, you may now be excited with me about Noni, but what exactly is Noni? Internet search garnered the following information. Noni is called Morinda Citrifola and several other names, including great morinda, Indian mulberry, or cheese fruit. It is native to Southeast Asia and Australasia. Of course, Noni is grown in Jamaica. 

 It has several benefits to the skin and body. It helps to build the immune system and may also be helpful as an analgesic, making it effective against arthritis and other joint pains. It is even thought to improve mood, work against depression and contribute to having a good night's rest.

 Skincare and hairs benefits include improving skin and scalp conditions, such as eczema and ringworm. Rub it on scalp for lustrous hair and keeping skin young. Ingestion of juice may help your nails to grow stronger.

 The advantages of taking Noni were too many to write here. So armed with this information, what did I do? Well, the next morning, I shared the news with my mother, who went and secured fruits and leaves from the Noni tree for me. However, I also made a trip to the health food store in Kings Plaza, Jamaica and bought two bottles of locally made Noni Juice. You can visit our online store to see our Noni soap and lotion that is sold as a combo (www.taynasbodycare.com).

  • True story, names changed.



  • Definitely a wise move !!! I’ve benefited from using the product since 1998 . As you are led continue making products from this special tree ✔💯🙏

  • I am grateful for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. I hope that through this ministry…. yes I see it as your ministry …you will make an impact fulfill your purpose and bring glory to your Father God.

  • I am grateful for your obedience to the Holy Spirit. I hope that through this ministry…. yes I see it as your ministry …you will make an impact fulfill your purpose and bring glory to your Father God.

  • I will try the noni deodorant. Will meet u @ work, head office new kingston say 10 am. Reply to my pvt chat


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