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When Family Comes Calling!!!

I remember when I posted in my family whatsap group, 'I made my own deoderant!'.  There was a deafening silence and later some relatives admittted that they thought I'd gone mad. Three years later, I've made so many natural bar soaps and body oils and other natural products.  I tried to stop making the deoderant that is dubbed an 'underarm cream' and customers are cussing me out and insisting that I have to make it for them. Isnt that crazy?

Well now, my family realizes that I'm sane enough and are making their demands.  So one cousin wrote me about her hair and wanting a shampoo bar. She later wrote, "I also need a conditioner".  I told her that I only make it for my home but she stated her need and so obediently I made her a leave in cream conditioner. Thank God for the challenge though because it taught me that more people are expecting more from me.  I have a responsibility to supply them as best as possible. While doing so, it challenges and helps me to see more of my potential.

I'm not sure who else will come calling but aside from underarm cream, customers are able to order a range of natural bar soaps, body oils, garlic oil, herbal lotions, coffee body scrub and soon to be on the website shampoo bars with Jamaican castor oil and leave in cream conditioners.


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