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As a brand, we feel we have the responsibility to know each product that we make intimately. As such we take our time in formulating new products but our customers are demanding and are often impatient as they ask us for more and more natural skincare products. So we have been writing recipes and testing formulations for a while, namely  a body scrub, face mask, hair growth oil and moisturizer and we have finally added some of them them to our page. What's unique about these products?

Well, that's a great question. We have tried to make our products different from others on the market.

Here's an example, we have tested many body scrub formulations and have experienced weals on our faces and necks simple because many brands have sugar crystals in their scrubs that are harsh on the skin.

We've used a generous amount of sugar but you will only feel the coffee granules on your skin. We also made this in the form of a lotion and so it glides on and rinses off pretty easily. Our face moisturizer has been made with oils that are not known to clog pores. We have now updated our website (www.taynasbodycare.com) with the products and the introductory prices are pretty low though we have used the best local and natural ingredients that we can source.  Did you know that these are handcrafted in Jamaica but serve the world.


  • Good job – I truly believe in your products!

    Pam Bremmer
  • A wonderful treat for the skin!

  • A wonderful treat for the skin!

  • We love making and using our products!


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