100% Natural products made by hand in Jamaica. Food for your skin!

We're Building a Brand!

We have been blessed to have been invited to a number of events this year with the latest being Denbigh Agricultural Show in Jamaica. This is a yearly show that features Jamaica's best in agriculture, apiculture, farming and cattle rearing and support agencies.

It is estimated that some 30,000 patrons attend over the three days. Taynas Body Care was there under the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture and it was a joy to be there. We met new people, got new customers, connected with repeat customers and learned so much. To top it off, we were there as a family.  

At Denbigh, we were interviewed by Barrelman and later by 'Burgerman' on RJR 94FM. Since then, we have also been interviewed by Gospel JA and Sun City Radio. Its been a busy week but we are enjoying the exposure.

We hope that all Jamaicans locally and internationally will take a look at what we offer in natural skincare and support us with there purchases.

After all, we've put all our love into making these products that we call, 'food for your skin'. Have you used our products, please provide us with feedback and help us build this brand.

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