100% Natural products made by hand in Jamaica. Food for your skin!


The Benefits of using natural products are be explored everyday. This after many many years of spending millions or more on skincare products, Now, in an age where cancer is causing quite a scare, persons are looking in every direction to determine causes, cures and how to avoid that dreaded disease.  We are not saying we have the answer here but we are attempting to be apart of the solution.

Using toxic free products on the body is important especially with reports that studies have found traces of some toxic substances used to preserve products in breast tissue of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Its concerns like these that make us committed to doing our part in making our homemade, handcrafted bar soaps, body scrubs, herbal lotions and body oils. We also love educated customers so we encourage you to research and know more about our ingredients that include turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and rosemary.  We do a few products with fragrances but we do not mix fragrances with essential oils.

We believe in honesty and we want our brand to be known as one with integrity. Our motto is 'Food for your skin'.

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