100% Natural products made by hand in Jamaica. Food for your skin!


Creating an ecommerce store has been an interesting experience. First, the start of Taynas Body Care is an act of God. We say this because, we never sat down and say we are going to start a business. No, it started out of just being excited to make DIY products for the family. I guess we were so excited that that excitement infected others and caused them to apply pressure when they demanded that we make products for them. That in short is how this business began.  However, no matter how we begun, we are enjoying the ride.

We had no idea we would also have an online store but our customers kept asking for a website. Persons living in Canada, the Caribbean and the US were asking.  You know that the customers are important and their voices matter. So, now we have a website. It has been quite a learning curve with important questions.

As a new online store, there are many questions to answer and in just days of being online, an important question is the issue of shipping.  We discovered the Post Office that makes shipping half of what larger companies like Fedex charges. We have taken the bold move to reduce shipping and handling to $15.00US and the local rate from $10 to $7.00US.   Honestly, we wished we didnt have to charge for this but it does cost for the service. However, we are happy that our local customers in most cases get their packages delivered the following day to their door or nearest post office. International customers have been receiving their packages 3 - 5 days after mailing.

We are hoping that customers will not let the shipping and handling cost prevent them from finalising their sale as we do not want you to miss out on these great natural products.  

We look forward to serving you.



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